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Passport confirms more than 6 months after the date of return (and containing at least 2 blank pages face to face) compulsory.


Compulsory visa for all the French nationals.
For other nationalities, thank you for consulting the embassy.
It is valid for a stay of 60 days and a single entrance.


2th obtaining mode:


1) On the boarder

the visa can be obtained at any Tanzanian boarder or at any port / point of arrival

Items to be produced for obtaining the Tanzanian Visa while in Tanzania are:
- The valid passport of the country of your origin
- 50 US $ in cash per person for Europeans Citizens & 130 US $ per personn for US Citizens
- Entry / Visa application form to be obtained from the point of entry
- The Passport must be confirm more than the next 6 months after the date of return

2) To the Embassy in Paris

Parts to be supplied:
- 50 € (in cash only).
- Request form of filled visa. it will be given to you on the spot or can be downloaded from the embassy website.
- Passport confirms in the month 6 months after the date of return with an available blank page
- A passport photo
- Photocopy of the title of journey A/R towards Tanzania or a certificate delivered by a travel agency.

obtaining delivery : 3 working days