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Chimpanzee Trekking :

Together with the bonobo the chimpanzee is man’s closest relative. Once found in 25 African countries, chimpanzees are now becoming extinct in some countries through deforestation and commercial poaching.

They share about 98% of human genes: their brain is startlingly similar to our own; they also adapt to their environment and develop tools like humans do


Chimpanzee can be found in western Tanzania, where are located the Gombe and the Mahale National Parks "Lake Tanganyika" for the easiest and cheaper chimpanzee tracking in Tanzania.


In Uganda chimpanzees are found in Kyambura and Kibale in the west and Budongo and Kanyiyo Pabidi near Murchison Falls.

Bwindi is one of the few forests where gorillas and chimps co-exist.

Chimps, however, are rarely seen there, as they live lower down when both species are present.

The Ugandan variety (Pan Troglodytes Schweinfurthi) is long-haired and lives in those forests where there is a rich, all year round food supply.


Chimpanzees can also be seen at Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary near Entebbe.

This sanctuary, on a beautiful forested island, is home to chimpanzees illegally removed from the wild and confiscated by the authorities; a raised platform enables close viewing and makes feeding time an exciting activity to watch.
The tour lasts about half a day, travelling either by a modified traditional Ssese canoe or a faster motor boat. An overnight stay, at a simple mobile camp, can be arranged.

The entrance fees paid goes towards looking after the chimpanzees.