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Kitulo National Park:

Kitulo National Park is also called the garden of God, the park is located at a chilly high plateau which is a vast open grassland that stretches away after kilometer. One may not believe that is in Equatorial Africa as the area is more reminiscent of the Scottish highlands.

The fauna of the park is highly varied, but most important of all, the Kitulo Plateau is one of the great floral spectacles of the world. The botanist call this rolling, undulating environment or the Serengeti of Flowers due to the diversity of flower.

Kitulo National Park is located at the centre of a vast area known as Tanzania’s Southern Highlands, not from Lake Nyasa/Malawi . Here the Kitulo plateau is perched between the Kipengere Range to the east and the Uporoto Mountains to the west.

There is only one Lake Kitulo National Park, however the smallish Lake Dhambwe situated in the Livingstone Forest in its north western corner.

All in all, the most essential fact about Kitulo is that its ecosystem, together with that of adjoining Mpanga River/Kipengere Game Reserve, sits on the water sheds formed by the Uporoto – Kipengere Mountains, so that their habitats feed important river catchments that flow both north and south, that means their water both flow to the Great Ruaha River and Lake Nyasa/Malawi. IN SHORT KITULO IS A TRUE BOTANICAL MARVEL.


The park can be easily reached by aircraft to Mbeya and then drive from Mbeya although one can drive from Iringa or Ruaha, Mikumi and Udzungwa National Park.